The Fragility of SEO

A small error in a technical SEO implementation illustrates the fragility of SEO. Much as it can seem like some sites own their search-engine visibility, that is an illusion. SEO success requires ongoing monitoring, maintenance and improvement.

There is a wealth of SEO tools out there to help the SEO practitioner do his or job, but it can be overwhelming. Here is a list of the tools I favor and use on a daily basis.

Historically SEO has meant "search engine optimization", but Google (primarily) has managed to move (some of) the industry beyond short-term tactics designed only to drive clicks from improved rankings. I'm firmly in the camp of "search experience optimization". It's still SEO, but it prioritizes helping the searcher reach his or her goals as the means to grow your business via organic search.

SEO is a dynamic, multi-faceted area of functional expertise. When thinking about SEO, it's helpful to realize there are areas within your control, areas you can influence and some things that are entirely out of your control. A little perspective can go a long way toward staying sane and finding success when seeking growth from organic search.