SEO Services

Most of YEM SEO's services are analytical. Using your own data, third-party tools and my own experience and research, I will derive insights from the data and turn that into recommendations for you and your team to execute. There are certain scenarios in which I will handle implementation, such as set-up and management of an SEO analytics platform or copy writing for click-through-rate tests. These details will be determined once we have spoken about your goals and resources, and we've prioritized the actions needed to spur your organic-search growth. 


Full SEO Audit

The full SEO audit has many components, each of which can be taken on its own if you have had portions of this analysis done in the past. I think it's best to do a full audit when starting a new engagement to ensure we have a fresh baseline and shared context. The audit is designed to answer questions such as these:

  • What should be your highest priorities in order to drive growth in organic search
  • How well are search engines crawling and indexing your website?
  • Can the crawl be made more efficient to ensure the changes you make to your website are discovered by search engines as quickly as possible?
  • Is the website responding in any way that is unexpected and which might keep search engines from indexing content?
  • Is the website fast enough so that it can be efficiently crawled, encourage better user behavior and avoid being dampened by search engines for being slow?
  • Is the website effectively using standard HTML markup or structured data?
  • Is the internal link structure designed to make it easy for search engines and users to navigate, discover and understand what content is important?
  • Is your website mobile friendly?
  • Can your appearance in search results be improved to drive more traffic?
  • How does your link profile compare to your search competitors?Is your content and user experience satisfying people who visit from organic search?

That isn't an exhaustive list. As we discuss your needs, the list can be expanded or refined as suits your objectives.

Search Opportunity Research And Plan

The goal of this project is to ensure that you have identified how people are looking for the information or service you are providing and that you have a plan to address any gaps. This work generally includes keyword and topical research, competitor evaluation, mapping content to keywords or topics, prioritization of content creation. This work is valuable whether you are launching a new website or you have been at it for years and need a refresh.

Searcher Behavior and Content Optimization

This project can be useful for websites that are already receiving organic traffic, but need to squeeze more from the lemon. The goal is to ensure that you are attracting as many people as possible from search and that once they land on the site you are providing the best possible experience to have made those visits worthwhile for both you and the searcher. The work includes qualitative content evaluation, analysis of how people are interacting with your existing content using your web analytics, evaluation of your appearance in search results and analysis of your click-through rates from organic search. It can also include assistance with user research and AB testing to determine how best to improve the user experience of your content.

Competitive Link Research and Plan

This project uses third-party data to evaluate your website's external link profile against search competitors. The goal is to identify strengths and weaknesses and to spot opportunities to acquire new links. This can be helpful when you've covered much or all of the things under your control in terms of managing your on-site SEO or when you have a PR or marketing team that is unfamiliar with link analysis and acquisition.

 Image by  Martin Grandjean

In-House SEO Package

The in-house SEO package can be a good option for organizations who have not yet staffed this function or who have a new or inexperienced team who are getting their legs, so to speak. This is designed as a monthly retainer and will incorporate all of the services as needed based on your website's maturity within the context of its landscape and competitors. 


Short-term Consulting

This option is good for people or organizations who may have an in-house program and simply want a second opinion once or from time to time. As with any SEO scenario, the more data and context I have about your website or industry, the more effective my guidance will be. This service will be billed hourly.